OUtdoor watering ban lifted:

Letter to Resident Inquiry Regarding Water Ban

Work has been completed on Well No. 1 and it is fully operational meaning all three of the MCWRD wells are supplying water to the system and the watering ban has been lifted.  The MCWRD appreciates the cooperation of the customers during the repair of the well.  Above is a link to a letter sent to several residents who inquired about the purpose for the ban and work being performed.  Please remember that the odd/even water conservation restriction remains in place.  Customers with addresses ending in odd numbers are permitted to irrigation on odd calendar days and customers with addresses ending in even numbers are permitted to irrigation on even days.  The hours of lawn irrigation is also restricted to 6:00 - 9:00 am and pm. 

To Start or Cancel Service:

To start new service or to cancel your existing service please contact Sheaffer & Roland, Inc. at 630-208-9898.  Due to the restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus the ability to the start and stop service via phone will be limited.  Office hours have been reduced dramatically.  For faster service please email your request to Sheaffer & Roland, Inc. at the email below:


Lawn Sprinkling Ordinance:

Please remember to observe the districts Odd/Even watering ordinance and water only between the hours of 6:00-9:00 AM and PM.  Homes with addresses ending in an odd number are permitted to irrigate on odd days.  Homes with addresses ending in an even number are permitted to irrigate on even days. 

Cross Connection Control Ordinance:

Pursuant to Illinois Plumbing Code and Mill Creek Water Reclamation District Ordinance all homeowners with in-ground irrigation systems or an automatic pool fill connection must have an approved backflow prevention device installed to protect the public water supply.  Furthermore these backflow prevention devices are required to be tested annually by a certified technician.  The District retains the services of Backflow Solutions, Inc. (BSI) to maintain the records of such testing.  The Districts Cross Connection Control Ordinance can be found in the Ordinances & Resolutions section.  If you have a backflow prevention device you are required to provide the annual testing results to the District via BSI.  Please contact the District Engineer with any questions.

Water Quality:

2019 CCR

2020 CCR

All current testing results can be found at the link below:

IEPA Drinking Water Watch

Payment Address:

Mill Creek WRD
P.O. Box 4290
Carol Stream, IL 60197-4290

Mill Creek Water Reclamation District

INformation and Public Records Requests:

For information and public records requests please use the Information page.

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2021 Budget:

Below please find the proposed budget for 2021 along with the Public Notice for the 2021 Budget and Appropriation Public Hearing scheduled for November 17, 2020 at 7:00pm.

2021 Preliminary Budget

Public Hearing Notice

Mill Creek Water Reclamation District:

The Mill Creek Water Reclamation District is an Illinois special district that provides potable water, sanitary services and stormwater management facilities to the residents and customers of the District. The District is governed through its three (3) appointed Trustees. The District has no employees.

James Dougherty - President
Ben D' Andrea - Vice President
Mark Hammond- Treasurer

District Mailing Address: 
Mill Creek Water Reclamation District
P.O. Box 229
Geneva, IL 60134

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Mill Creek WRD
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General Questions & Water Quality: 
Sheaffer & Roland, Inc.
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After Hours Emergency: (630) 675-9963 

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District Billing Company
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